I am a "Virtual Engineer" -  I am a virtual engineer, and remotely I work on the GRID.  I manage domains, websites, Google apps, virtual systems, and remote networking;  I work to help syncing of contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and files, across the cloud with various systems and devices; I manage user accounts and data ...
Let's just say I work in the clouds!


About Me:

A gifted speaker and writer, I can confidently present myself well-informed on my subject matter.  Teaching is my forte!  Combine excellent sales presentation skills (competed at State level) and depth of knowledge, and you've got one excellent instructional presentation or class.  Organization is second nature to me, sharing information, knowledge and ideas.  I like teamwork, instruction, and building the confidence of others, bringing out the best in their talents, and in what I see them do!

I often step into a situation with little or no experience in an area, quickly surmise the situation, analyze it and present a resourceful solution, and accomplish the task, coming away with tools and procedures to accomplish the same thing more efficiently the next time.

I am an innovative thinker, a man of ideas and creations, of unusual designs and solutions, an inventor at times.

My strengths are loyalty, character, firm beliefs and principles, and confidence.